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Locked Out Vehicle or Home?

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Safe Problem?

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PO Box 11554

Rock Hill, SC 29731

Do you need a deadbolt installed?
I install deadbolts for  wood & metal doors. Including, drilling the necessary holes and accompanying wood/metal work. High quality drilling fixture creates professional job. Over 39 years experience and I do the work myself. 
  • Included:
  • Drilling holes and cutting mortises into and the door frame.
  • Installing cylinder, thumb lever and faceplate.
  • Installing strike plate in a door frame.

Need a local locksmith in York or Chester Counties? I owned/operated AAAEconomy Safe & Lock for 23 years in Rock Hill & Chester, SC, retired, got bored, and re-opened.  I've been a locksmith since 1980. I worked on safes while still in the Navy.  Certified Locksmith since 1980. No Hype & No sales pitch.  I open safes, gun safes,  ATM locks, do home & vehicle lockouts, and make many car & truck keys.  Solid, experienced service & Solid cost quotes! 

Locked Out?  Call Harry's Home & Auto Lockout Service!  803-412-7954

24/7 Lockout Service. If you're locked out of your house or vehicle or if you need a car unlocked or truck keys  made or replaced in York, Rock Hill, Ft Mill, Catawba, Clover, Chester, McConnells, or Richburg, South Carolina, or in-between please call now, you're near me! I don't claim to be the fastest, the closest, or the cheapest, and  I keep prices reasonable.   

              Bonded, Insured & SC Licensed!


Fobs, Fobiks, Pod, Transponder & Chip Keys replaced On-Site! Many standard non-transponder keys made, also. Ford, Dodge, Jeep, Lincoln, Mercury, Chevrolet, & Chrysler Keys Made. I Specialize In American Car Keys.

Safes Opened, Serviced, & Repaired. Combinations Changed.

  I also do local home & vehicle lockouts. Call for pricing & availability. Big truck unlocked, too. RV/Camper keys made on site for many models. Most jobs flat Rate. 




 Local service in York  & Chester Counties, SC!

We utilize numerous different specialty lockout tools to open vehicles.  Each model/make/year can be different from a recent model and require a different method & tool...  We maintain up to date information to open your vehicle quickly and safely.   

Please call for more information on how we can solve your problem.

I make car and truck keys on-site from scratch for many Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC, Pontiac, Olds, Buick, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Plymouth, Ford, Mercury, Jeep, Honda, Nissan, Acura.

         I hope I can be of help, please call:


                      SC NOTARY PUBLIC

              [email protected]

If you are on a on a mobile phone sure to scroll down to see all of my web sites!  If you're on a desktop the photos above are of my old shop on Columbia St next to the Cyclone in Chester.  Some of you may remember it and my shop on Curtis St in Rock Hill, too. These photos don't appear on mobile phones. Also, I do my own website as a hobby and it changes all the time.  I'm a lot better at locksmithing than I am at webpage design! So please bear with me!  I'm learning!

Photos of my shop in Chester. 2002-2009

    Member National Safemans Organization


Locksmith York South Carolina, Locksmith in York SC
You get 35 years experience on the job.  I do the work myself. I also answer the phone and your questions with the voice of experience.  No guesswork because I've done the job before and know what it will take and how much it will cost!  

 A total job price will be quoted on the phone and adhered to on-site.  No bait & switch price games when you deal with me.  Solid Quotes!  No Hype, either. I don't claim I'm the fastest, cheapest,  or make other false claims.  Call and compare my prices and ask me enough questions about the job to see I know what I'm talking about for yourself.  I have answers, not a sales pitch or a guesstimate. If I think I can't do a job for some reason I will refer to someone I think will give honest, quality work. Integrity matters!

***Lock re-keying (re-pinning) for  business & residential  locks available.  Commercial storefront  glass door locks a specialty.  If you need your locks changed, call!  If you have a problem with your lock call !  Some lock problems are just simple repairs, especially with storefront locks.  Rates vary depending on the problem.  We can usually give an accurate quote just on your description of the problem.  It's worth a call to see what can be done to help you out!  I don't speak Spanish, but I am a Cerrajero. I have a translator app on my phone so I can communicate with other languages if nessecary!  It works well!   

  When I need a locksmith I call:

           24/7 Lockout Service
                    Car Keys Made
                   Locks Rekeyed
            Security Consultant
             SC NOTARY PUBLIC

If you need a locksmith to change a combination on  a safe I can do this with most safes.  

This is a video of me picking car door lock.  I can then use the tool to "read" the wafer inside the lock and then cut a key with that information on certain makes/models.  Check it out!  You'll see how quick and damage free this method can be! I love using this tool because it's so fast!  hacer coches y camiones clave

Transponder, chip, key, auto, remote, remote head keys on-site for many models!

       ---Member Clearstar Security Network---