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I have been a Certified Journeyman Safecracker (CJS) since 1995, when I owned AAAEconomy Safe & Lock in Rock Hill & Chester, SC. I now own Harry Mahan Mobile Locksmith.

Lost combination? If you need a safe opened, please call! If you need a safe fixed, please call. Need combination reset? I can change a safe combination to new numbers in most mechanical dial type safe locks, new or old. I also can reset many electronic keypad style safe locks, also.

Please be near the unit so I can ask some questions. I may describe some features and need you to describe them to me as I as questions. Descriptions can include items like black dial, silver dial, brass dial, S&G on dial center or label, Mas Hamilton, name on safe i.e. Sentry, Treadlock, Browning, Liberty, Cannon, Kodiak, Big Horn, Fort Knox, Gardall, Winchester, Old Glory, Cabelas, Safari, Stack-on, etc. Where is it located? Is it in an open area or in a closet, etc?

I need the best description I can get over the phone to give you an idea on what avenue to take.. I don't charge for an " exploratory trip" in my local area if needed. A trip fee may be charged further out depending on the distance I have to travel. Each job is unique. If I feel I can open a safe, I give a solid cost to do the job. It can include different tiers do to "if I find this, or if this happens, sometimes I find this broken" so if this happens, it will cost $. If this is broken and needs repair, it will cost $$. If the lock needs to be replaced, it will cost $$$, etc. I give a solid quote for each possible tier prior to getting your approval starting the job. I brief you fully.

Gun safe repair needed? The dial is loose? The numbers seem to have shifted? It operates intermittently? Dial tight when turning or is jammed? Scraping sounds when turning? You need to have it serviced and repaired. If you get it opened, please leave it open and call me! Don't wait until you're completely locked out! A stitch in time saves nine!

Please message me a couple of photos of your safe front i.e. complete front view, closeup of dial or keypad, closeup of dial/keypad including bolt operating handle, closeup of any nameplates or labels on safe, hinges, wheels, etc., it will be very helpful in identifying it.

I need to get my gun safe opened! We're locked out of the ATM! I've heard that many times. Need a gun safe opened in Rock Hill SC or the local area including York, Ft Mill, Chester, and local York County & Chester County? I can sometimes open one if you have a malfunctioning lock without drilling. I don't know for sure unless I try. If drilling is required I do that for many different models, too.

***Please call me before you attempt to take a lock apart yourself! I have had instances of well intentioned customers turning a molehill into an expensive mountain unwittingly, something I could have avoided. To change the batteries on many models there are methods and precautions I will be familiar with that you might not think of. It doesn't cost that much for me to reset a combination or install new batteries! If you have taken a lock apart, I can usually put it back together and reinstall it. Just please Don't Close The Door with a lock out of the safe. What's called a relocker may engage if you close the door and you'll be locked out, for sure! Please call me before you attempt any safe repair yourself. Fore warned is fore armed!

If you want to change your safe to an electronic lock I can do many of them. It will depend on the present one used and the configuration of the design as to whether it can be done or not. I consider mechanical locks to be much more trouble free in the long run and can usually install a new lock on a gun safe if it has an keypad one factory installed. Some people like the convenience of a keypad lock. Someone may prefer the reliability of a mechanical (dial) lock. Some of the economy model gun safes do not lend themselves to any lock change at all, though. Sometimes I have to actually take the back cover off the door interior to see if it can be done. I do charge when I have to take something apart during an exploratory visit, but the cost is minimal. 

            For the Do It Yourselfers:

Changing Batteries or Combinations:

1. Follow the directions that came with the safe Exactly!

2. When you reset an electronic combination be sure to Always do so with the door in the Open Position! If something goes wrong at least we don't have to deal with opening a locked safe with an unknown combination in addition to repairing or replacing the lock when you call me.

3. If you change batteries please do so with an open door, turn the bolt control handle to the lock position With The Door Open, and check operation of the keypad several times, making sure the handle operates each time you work the combination Before You Actually Lock The Safe With The Door Closed!

I recommend DuraCell batteries. I also recommend battery replacement at least annually in a gun safe. This will also help keep corrosion down

If you decide to call me to change it for you or change the batteries I will be happy to do so.

Do Not lubricate a mechanical lock! If the dial is sticking, tight, loose, wobbly, doesn't always work, clicks loudly, is jammed, or scrapes when turning, please call me to repair it before you have to call me for a lockout!

I do my own website as a hobby and it changes all the time. I'm a lot better at locksmithing than I am at web page design! So please bear with me! I'm learning!

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Serving York County SC & Chester County SC. Rock Hill, York, Chester, Clover, Newport, Tirza, Lowrys, Catawba, Lesslie, Ft Mill, Indian Land, Tega Cay, Baxter, Sharon, Lake Wylie, Brattonsville, Van Wyck, Lewisville, McConnells, Richburg, Great Falls, SC and all points in-between! South Carolina Service Only.